Tuesday, June 5, 2007


So much has happened since I had wrote last! My belly is continuing to grow and grow! Our little one has been blessed with a nickname by his Auntie Holly who had a dream that Ben and I ended up naming our little guy "Banjo" of all things. Although this has not ended up on our name list it has been adopted as the nickname for just while he is in utero. We have not decided on a name yet although we have many wonderful names that are either ones we just really like or they are family names and we just haven't found that perfect combination yet. We hope to keep it a secret and announce it when he is born.

Ben is gearing up for camp. He will be leaving June 13th and back the end of July/first of August. We are rushing around now trying to get a few thousand things done before he leaves for camp.

The days are getting hotter and hotter! With no air conditioning in the house it is always interesting trying to do anything and everything to keep the house cool for this pregnant lady! ;)

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